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成份: 響螺頭、日月魚、沙參、玉竹、淮山、蜜棗、陳皮

功效: 此湯清潤好味,性質平和,常喝此湯,能養生、美容、有養胃生津、健脾益腎、益氣的功效, 再配合豬瘦肉或雞同煮湯,滋補而不留濕,又能強壯體質,適合全家老少飲用。


1. 響螺頭/響螺幹 用水浸約30分鐘至軟身,汆水後剪成小塊
2. 日月魚,沙參、玉竹清水浸約30分鐘
3. 陳皮浸泡10分鐘後刮瓤洗淨
4. 洗淨其它材料
5. 所有材料連2500亳升開水一同大火煲滾後轉文火煲約2小時, 加少許鹽調味即成
** 可按個人喜好加配料:豬展 /瘦肉或烏雞,薑少量

1. Soak the dried conch in water for about 30 minutes to soften the body, a quick boil in the boiling water, take out and cut into smaller pieces
2. Soak the asian moon scallops, adenophora, polygonatum root in water for about 30 minutes
3. Soak the tangerine peel for 10 minutes and then scrape off the pith
4. Wash other ingredients
5. Bring all the ingredients together with 2500ml of boiling water, then turn to a simmer for about 2 hours, add a little salt to taste and serve
** You can add ingredients according to personal preference: pork shank / lean meat or black chicken, a small amount of ginger