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漁家紫菜蝦皮湯包 (圖片只供參考) * 湯包不包含圖中鮮蝦仁在內

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功效: 理氣開胃, 補鈣補鐵, 降血壓, 對兒童骨骼生長, 老人家防止骨質疏鬆, 女性治療缺鐵性貧血均有好處。

1. 將紫菜用清水洗乾淨,瀝乾備用。
2. 湯鍋燒熱,加少許油爆香蔥粒後倒入蝦皮炒出香味。
3. 於湯鍋內加入5 碗水(1.5L),大火煮滾後放入紫菜煮約 10 分鐘,調味即可。可於關火前攪匀2個雞蛋倒入湯中,這能令口感更豐富。亦可於放入紫菜時加入腐皮(1-2片)或豆腐(〜350g),腐皮切絲,豆腐切粒。

1. Wash seaweed and drain it well before use
2. Heat a soup pan,add a little oil to stir-fry chives and shrimp bran
3. Add about 5 bowls(〜1.5L)of water into soup pan,after the water boiled,add seaweed and boil for 10 mins,add some salt for taste before serving. 
It is recommended to mix two eggs into the soup before turning off the heat,which will enrich the taste。You can also add beancurd sheet(1-2 pieces)or tofu(〜350g)which cut into small pieces,when adding seaweed.