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成份: 海龍、海星、海雀、 蟲草花、陳皮

功效:  通淋巴,去痰火,補腎,知音,提高免疫力。


1. 海星浸泡20分鐘後洗淨背後黑色內臟
2. 蟲草花用水浸泡10分鐘後洗淨瀝水
3. 陳皮浸泡10分鐘後刮瓤洗淨 
4. 所有材料連2000亳升開水一同大火煲滾後轉文火煲約2小時
5. 加少許鹽調味
** 可按個人喜好加配料: 豬展/瘦肉,薑少量

1. After soaking the starfish for 20 minutes, wash off the internal organs on the back
2. Soak the Cordyceps flower in water for 10 minutes, then wash and drain
3. Soak the tangerine peel for 10 minutes and then scrape off the pith
4. All the ingredients are boiled together with 2000ml of boiling water and then turn to a slow boil for about 2 hours
5. Add a little salt to taste
** Add ingredients according to personal preference: pork shank/lean meat, small amount of ginger