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成份: 沙蟲乾、象拔蚌、淮山、茨實、 合桃肉 、圓肉 



1. 用白鑊炒沙蟲乾約5分鐘令內裡幼沙鬆開,再放入清水浸15分鐘至軟身,打直剪開洗淨備用。
2. 象拔蚌用清水浸1小時備用。
3. 淮山,茨實,合桃肉,圓肉洗淨。
4. 所有材料連2500亳升開水一同大火煲滾後轉文火煲約2小時, 加少許鹽調味即成。
** 可按個人喜好加配料: 豬展 /瘦肉,薑少量

1. After soaking the Sipunculus Nudus for 20 minutes, wash off the internal organs on the back
2. Soak the geoduck in water for 1 hour, then rinse and drain
3. Wash all other ingredients
4. All the ingredients are boiled together with 2500ml of boiling water and then turn to a slow boil for about 2 hours
5. Add a little salt to taste
** Add ingredients according to personal preference: pork shank/lean meat, small amount of ginger