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低卡路里又營養豐富,具改善血管硬化 、排毒通便、降低膽固醇之效, 海帶有降血壓, 抗老, 降血糖, 防甲狀腺腫多種好處。

烹調方法 :
1. 海帶、黑木耳漫浸(1小時),香菇用80度溫水漫發(3小時)。所有材料洗淨切絲備用,黑木耳和香菇需去蒂。
2. 按個人喜好加入配料,可加半斤(300g)瘦肉或排骨。
* 豬肉要先氽水,氽水方法:先將豬肉清洗後放入煲內,然後注入水至浸過肉面; 以中火煮15分鐘滾起,水面會有大量浮沫,撈起豬肉備用。
3. 將全部材料放入煲內,加水約10碗(〜3L)。
4. 以大火煲滾後轉中火煲約 1 至 1.5 小時,再加適量的鹽調味即可飲用。
1. Soak sea-tangle and black fungus(1hr)。Soak dried mushroom with 80℃water(3hrs),Then slice all that into small pieces and cut off the base of black fungus and mushroom before user For non-vegetarian can add〜300g of lean meat or lean pork。 blanch the pork before use“pork needed to use low heat boil it for〜15mins to remove smell,dirt and oil
2. Put all ingredients into a pot,add about 10 bowls(~3L)of water.
3. After the water boiled,use medium heat to boil for 1 to 1-5 hours,add some salt for taste before serving.